Hello hello!! We have some perfect rainy day material for you today guys!! A cockle-warming wedding film by the super Eileen of Sugar 8 … “Cat & Joakim and their friends and family, flew from all over the world to the beautiful Ardanaiseig Hotel, to ‘tie the knot’ in style.  Cat & the girls got […]

Hello! So… eh, who’s thinking about Christmas then? We absolutely ARE. Mulled wine & friends & family time! We have a seriously fun festive idea to share with you all, from our gwc photographer pals, Mirrorbox Photography… this is a doozie! Over the first 2 weekends of November – the Mirrorbox ladies are being super […]

In the Supplier Spotlight today … Hello to our leading lady in the GWC menswear department!! Let’s get the lowdown from embellishment-queen Jill…. 1/ business: JACK (et)     you/your team:  Jill Skulina and Mr Barney Smooth (the dog, yes I am one of those) I’m an educatoholic. Ridiculously addicted to further and higher education. Foundation Art […]

 Something different for y’all tonight! Ever wondered what ‘A day in the life’ of a darn pretty jewellery maker would be like???? Wonder no more, nosey parkers. The super-talented Eileen of Sugar8 made this rather fetching film of oor lovely jewel-genius, Alison Macleod – from home to studio …. A Day in the Life from […]

Heyhey! In the GWC Spotlight today … a super raaaaad picture-taking lady …   Let’s hear from the lovely lady herself:   1/ business: Solen Photography      you/your team: me (Solen), sometimes Alix (alixmcintosh.co.uk)      where: based in Edinburgh, work in Scotland or anywhere!   2/ describe your workspace: I work from our […]