Heyhey! In the GWC Spotlight today … a super raaaaad picture-taking lady …   Let’s hear from the lovely lady herself:   1/ business: Solen Photography      you/your team: me (Solen), sometimes Alix (alixmcintosh.co.uk)      where: based in Edinburgh, work in Scotland or anywhere!   2/ describe your workspace: I work from our […]

Well, move over America!!!  Scotland now has the wedding venue that we have all been waiting for….. and it is an ‘industrial style’ CORKER. We, at the GWC, are extremely merry, & overly excited, to introduce – WOODSIDE WAREHOUSE. Opening for Summer ’15/’16 weddings, the warehouse, located in Glasgows West End, offers original rustic features & […]

This week .. in the Spotlight : Yup, that says grazing table.  This lady knows her food and loves nothing more than family style cooking!  PERFECT Let’s hear what the lovely Carole has to say : 1/Lazy Sunday? I struggled for ages to come up with a name for my catering business – mainly because […]

Our favourite little car won an award!! Skrinx Minx – in all it’s cool, powder blue glory – won Best in Show (Hillman category) at the Moffat Rootes Car Rally – attended by over 800 vintage cars! – on 29th June. Whoop!! Find out more about this cool cat of a car over in the […]

Happy Monday y’all!! Time to put another one of our cracking’ GWC team into yon spotlight again! Let us introduce.. the super lovely, SUPER stylish… LET’S GET THE LOWDOWN FROM THE LADY… 1/ business:
     Skinny Malink you/your team:
  Me (Lynsay O’Connor) with occasional help from my husband Iain (who is one of the Pinup Nights DJs – […]